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      "Too tired?"

      "Better say Doctor Bronson and Cousin Fred," Mary answered, with a smile; "the Doctor is Fred's uncle and twenty years older."

      The monk was at length perceived, for the treasurer, on raising his eyes, met the glance of father John. "My lord bishop," said he, "yonder stands the monk, John Ball!"Holgrave had been about a month a prisoner, when Sir Robert Knowles came to Sudley, to announce that Richard would honour the castle with his presence on the following day, and on the next proceed on to Gloucester to hold a parliament. As they were sitting at the evening banquet

      Another ramble on shore the following morning, and they left the soil[Pg 311] of Japan for the deck of the steamer. At noon they were slowly moving down the bay; they passed the island of Pappenberg, and, as they did so, Frank read from a book he had picked up in the ship's cabin the following paragraph:

      "The curious feature of the revolution which established the Mikado on his throne, and made him the ruler of the whole country is thisthat[Pg 98] the movement was undertaken to prevent the very things it has brought about."

      "And do you imagine Ned Ferry hasn't thought of that?""And if he has," returned the dusty-foot, "he cannot have a greater cause. It is all very well for the great,it looks well upon them; and even the decent chapman and yeomen get little harm by it: but for the poor man to be proud; to have the swelling heart and the burning cheekoh! it is a curse!" He raised his voice as he spoke, and then sinking it to a whisper, added"and if it is a sin, surely it has its punishment."