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      Men and women in the prime of life sat on their chairs, gazing vacantly at nothing, lacking in the most literal sense of the word the strength to stand or to walk. When at about six o'clock in the evening the click-clack of rifle-fire was heardfor a Belgian patrol seemed to have come near the town,my hostess and her daughter pressed a couple of papers against their breast, full of fear, ready to fly, but unable to walk.

      I am getting quite independent, you see.

      "That is a good omen," she said. "They will be all after you now, dear."

      The unhappy man asserted in a loud voice that183 he was innocent, but got the answer that he would have to prove that later on. But he never had a chance of doing that. Arriving at the market-place, he and three others were simply placed against the wall and shot. He could not even have spiritual assistance.

      And the commanding officer gave me a pass, on which this very same colonel who had prohibited me to write in my paper what troops were at Riemst, put a stamp on that pass, which contained the German eagle, and besides this the words: "Royal Prussian 8, Reserve Infantry Regiment, II Battalion." This confirmed what the rumours said, that the troops who had passed through Vis and other places during the last days and committed those atrocities there, were the reserves which had been called up, among whom discipline is less strict than among the younger men, who arrived in these districts during the earlier days.Her eyes sparkled, her cheeks glowed with happiness. Bruce looked at her with pride and love in his eyes.


      "Pooh, I am not afraid," she said, with easy contempt. "Say on, say on."


      him about the John Grier Home and all the rest. He thinks that youwith a very beautiful swimming tank of cement and marble, the gift


      "Afterwards, which is much more to the point, my niece saw Leon Lalage here. I had better call him your husband, because really there is no denying that. The man was in your house in the morning room, and Hetty saw him. After the business of the notes came out and the story of the Spanish gipsy was told, I knew perfectly well what had taken place. You had called Bruce in to your drunken husband by means of your new motor, with Balmayne playing the deaf mute. After Bruce was gone you killed the man with a knife you procured at Rosser's, in Regent Street. I find the knife in the dry well behind the house."LOUVAIN UNDER THE MAILED FIST