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      I should be very sorry to have been the cause of that, he said, and I dont think it would be logical of you. You urged me to withdraw, which was the most you could do after you had promised to propose me.

      The hour that Propert usually stayed had to-day lengthened itself out (so short was it) to two before the young man looked at his watch, and jumped up from his chair.I couldnt eat a morsel, she said, though I know it is the duty of all of us to keep our strength up. There is hare soup too: he was so fond of hare soup. But I must run upstairs first, and put on a black fichu or something. I could not sit down to table without some little token of respect like that.

      But the Captain answered headily; "No, sir! I've tried that twice already; this time I'll cut them in two and be in their rear at one dash! Bring in your company behind mine, if you choose."

      "Shall I come?" he inquired; but I shook my head.

      As soon as his visitor was gone, Keeling went straight on with his mornings work. There were a couple of heads of departments to see, and after that, consulting his memoranda, he found he had made an appointment to interview a new private type-writer, in place of one whom he had lately been obliged to dismiss.

      "But, o-oh! sir!" exclaimed the trio, when Miss Harper waved them to forbear. There was yet some daylight left as we trundled into a broad highroad and turned northward. We passed a picket guard and then a whole regiment of cavalry going into camp. They scrambled to the sides of the road and stormed us with questions, chaffing us cruelly when I remained silent. "Lawd! look a' this-yeh Yank a-bringin' in ow desertehs!" "Hey, you big Yank, you jest let that po' little conscrip' go!""Why, I thought it was on a hill, or something of the sort; I had no reason to think so, of course, but I had formed that picture of it."


      "Easier to get away, you think?" I asked, with a worse frown than ever, as he stepped into the carry-all and took the lines.