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      THE COURSE OF EMPIRE. THE COURSE OF EMPIRE.He did not have to wait long. A few days later he was told that somebody wanted to see him, and in the parlour found his daughter Tilly.

      "Margaret," said the monk, fixing his eagle glance upon his sister, "that is not your child!"

      "What a lovely picture!" said the Doctor, as he waved his hand towards the receding shore.

      Caro had been much unhappier since Rose's flight. She had loved her in an erratic envious way, and Rose's gaiety and flutters of generosity had done much to brighten her humdrum life. Now she was left to her brooding. She felt lonely and friendless. Once or twice she went over to Grandturzel, but the visits were always difficult to manage, and somehow the sight of her sister's happiness made her sore without enlivening her.

      Old Backfield spoke at five meetings, each time on Tariff Reform and the effect it would have on local agriculture. The candidate and the unionist Club were very proud of him, and spoke of him as "a grand old man." On Election Day, one of the candidates' own cars was sent to fetch him to the Poll. It was the first time Reuben had ever been in a motor, but he did his best to dissemble his excitement.

      "Then you come along; I'll take you, and we'll have some fun.""My Lord de Boteler, servants must obey their masters."


      "He's shamming," said Reuben.


      Youre naughty too, he said. This is play-time. And now theres something else I want to talk about. You ladies are the queens of your homes: dont you think you could persuade Mr Keeling not to think me the thin edge of the Pope, so to speak?


      "I did, my lord.""Alice ..." he said.