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      He would have followed those people and demanded them. But Lawrence held him back until his passion was spent. He yielded suddenly.


      Ferry saluted with his straight blade.

      "At times," said Lieutenant Durand.

      "Ay, I should. I should have put you from my path. Make no mistake about that. But it is no use repining over that. Go on."



      "Lieutenant," I replied, choking with dismay, "why mind her meanings now? Ought you not rather to ignore them? She is fevered, dejected, overwrought. Why, sir, she is the very woman to say and mean things now which she would never say or mean at any other time!" But my tone must have shown that I was only groping in desperation after anything plausible, and he waved my suggestions away."Tell her I tried to keep my promise to her."


      But the Countess thrust her fiercely aside.