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      "Hello, thar! Help! Help!" came across the waters in agonized tones, which at the same time had some thing familiar in them.Lieut. Bigelow had come up in the meanwhile with the other squad, and they all moved cautiously forward to where they could get a dim sight of the lodge through the intervals between the trees. For a log house it was quite a large building, and stood in the center of a small clearing which had been made to furnish logs for its erection. Faint gleams of light came through the badly-chinked walls, and the hum of voices showed that there was a large crowd gathered inside.

      Each looked at the other in surprise, and asked:There, a little distance away, lay the formidable works guarding Tullahoma. To the right and left, as far as the eye could reach, stretched a bristling line of abatis hundreds of yards wide and seemingly hopelessly impassable. It was made of the young jack-oaks felled outwards and their limbs sharp ened till they were like thorns.

      "'Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,

      "Well, I declare to goodness," gasped the Deacon. "How could they've found her out so soon?"

      "I shouldn't wonder but he's tellin' the truth," Shorty whispered to Si. "Le's take him back there and see."



      "I've got the right number, sir," Si answered, saluting; "and if they ain't all the same men they're just as good."


      The boys obeyed as if dazed, and started to follow little Pete's lead toward the clump of willows.