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      He went back to town the next day, and took a hansom to the house in Eaton Square, in which Lady Ada Lancing lived with her guardian, Lady Grange. He asked for Lady Ada, and was shown into the small drawing-room, and stood gnawing his under lip, and looking out of the window, with eyes that saw nothing, waiting for her to appear.

      It does not matter, she said; and, for the same reason as before, her tone was constrained and cold.

      He looks like everybody elseonly he laughs more, remarked Esmeralda.

      I ought not to have donesaidwhat I did. I deserve that you should be very angry with me. Are you?Yes, I remember, he said.



      Thou shalt borrow all my sorrow


      Well! he said, at last. Youve done it, Traff?